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Our Mission

Our Mission

Therapy for Cancer Lives is birthed from my beloved mother who was born as Delorise Byrd and a fighter against colon cancer until her passing in 2009.

My mother did not receive therapy through her fight against colon cancer which inspired me to create a space to connect all cancer lives to mental health wellness and support. She enjoyed dancing and having fun in her own element.

Delorise Byrd Dancing With White Dress and Blue Ribbon.jpg

Our Vision

Therapy for Cancer Lives is an online directory that aims to save lives by connecting those who are diagnosed from cancer, lost a loved one, or impacted by the condition to mental health professionals around the world. TCL encourages mental health wellness to those who have been affected by cancer.


I've been a licensed therapist since 2016 and established a presence in Oklahoma with clients and the community. I have first-hand experience with being impacted by my beloved and belated mother who was diagnosed with colon cancer and is missed dearly. Therapy for Cancer lives is birthed from that experience.

- Shaunica Byrd LPC

  Licensed Professional Counselor 

Saving Lives Through Therapy

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